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222 BOOKS FOR SALE (Comm 215, 222, 210) Comm 215----->35-40$$ Comm 222-----> 55$ perfect condition comm 210------> 10$ $50.00
COMM 200-300's COMM 210, 212, 215, 217, 222, 223, 305 books for sale. **** OBVIOUSLY NOT $1000... **** I'm a 2nd year JMSB student; 19 years old studying International Business. $1 000.00
comm217 comm217 perfect condition $65.00
com212 comm212 book In good condition! $50.00
COMM 220 MICROECONOMICS WITH STUDY GUIDE still new in plastic wrap. price negotiable $70.00
COMM 308 INTRODUCTION TO CORPORATE FINANCE it's only missing 2 pages compared to the newest edition, and I have them photocopied already. $40.00
COMM212 COMM 212: both books, making sense and communicating for results good as new, no marks whatsoever $55.00
COMM215 Untouched COMM215 with unused connect no marks of pencil or highlighter $75.00
COMM210 Untouched COMM210 books in perfect condition, no highlighter or pencil marks. email me for further information $12.00
comm305 managerial accounting (3rd edition) the third edition for comm 305 being used this semester. $60.00