Make it cheap

3 Makeup dupes you won’t regret!

I must have attracted you with my bargain finds. If you love makeup, I am your gal (come take a seat! Drink some tea!). Let’s talk makeup, as we both know Sephora can be expensive and you can easily break the bank there. The newest Tarte palette or Giorgio Armani Beauty foundation, aren’t cheap! Recently, I’ve been budget conscience and thought a lot about makeup products. I have a few allergies to certain products. So, I’m pretty nervous about trying new items. However, the last four months I motivated myself to test out a bunch of budget-friendly products and resulted in finding 3 items I would consider as dupes for Sephora products!

Here are my 3 make up dupes you won’t regret:

1)Essence Make Me Brow vs. Benefit GimmeBrow
Essence Make Me Brow is my favourite eyebrow dupe! It reminds me a lot of Benefit GimmeBrow. Aside from looks, the differences between the products were a slight bit of brow color and their application wand. I felt that Essence Make Me Brow color matched me better, I used #2 and that was a dark ash brown. Benefit Gimmebrow, I used #3 and that was a warm brown. The Essence’ application wand was bigger and easier to make a mistake, while Benefit was smaller and more precise. Those reasons didn’t deteriorate me from Essence Make Me Brow because the cost was $3.99, which is a steal compared to Benefit Gimmebrow $32.


2) Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge vs. Beauty Blender Sponge

When I bought Real techniques miracle complexion sponge at Walmart, I was thinking ugh another hard sponge I’ll be smacking my face with. In actuality, Real techniques miracle complexion sponge was soft and blended so well. I was in shock. I only tried the mini beauty blender (I didn’t have the heart to throw down $28 for a regular beauty blender sponge). I recognize it’s not the fairest comparison, but I do believe that Real techniques miracle complexion sponge is an incredible makeup tool and I’ll likely test out their brushes next. I highly recommend buying this product!


3) Voluminous Lash Paradise vs. Better Than Sex

Unfortunately, I was a long-time user of better than sex mascara. When I started to become budget friendly, I started investing in the travel sizes. I realized I was being ridiculous and it was likely costing more long term. So, I finally decided to test out L’oreal’s Voluminous lash paradise, since the packaging looked similar Too Face’s Better Than sex mascara. The L’oreal’s application wand was almost like Too Face’s Better Than Sex mascara and the formula felt similar. However, I felt that Voluminous lash paradise formula was a tad wet for mascara application. That’s a small complaint and the cost for L’oreal’s Voluminous lash paradise is cheaper than Too Face’s Better Than Sex.

Thus, these 3 makeup products that I believe are dupes for Sephora items. They’re worth a try! Anyways I hope you enjoy my beauty products review.